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Waterfall City

The design concept for the public road reserves is to create “complete streets” whereby all possible users are treated and catered for on an equal basis, as opposed to primarily catering for vehicles as was traditionally done in many urban developments. Hence the design incorporates safe and comfortable pedestrian and cycle lanes, dedicated bus/taxi stops for public transport, proper pedestrian crossings and well-designed urban street furniture.

Cradle of Humankind Gateways


The project brief called for the design of 6 new gateways to the Cradle of Humankind. The aim was to establish a sense of arrival when entering this World Heritage Site. The design response included traffic calming measures, parking areas, an entrance icon, a sculpture podium and seating areas with panoramic views over the landscape at each individual gateway.

Stone walls that varies in height adds structure and gives the design a sculptural quality while the use of materials such as local stone, slate, aloes and veldgrass integrates this design with its surrounding environment

JDA Urban Renewal Proposal


This design was a completion entry as part of the urban renewal of the Johannesburg Inner City. The design reinforces the city’s intent to develop world class station precincts, establishing safe and secure pedestrian access through an open space network to points of destination. Not only does it create a greener inner city along with more housing developments, but more sustainable open spaces funded by the adjacent land use developments. The park featured in these images, connects to the existing open space networks throughout the CBD, and is linked through pedestrian corridors forming clear and distinct neighbourhood park nodes. This project proposal was seen as a catalyst for the urban renewal of the Johannesburg inner city development.


The Villa Mall


Ekhuruleni Civic Precinct


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